Kelston Primary School – Learning


Our Library is a vibrant, modern space specifically designed to foster a love of reading in our students.  We have a variety of fiction and non-fiction books aimed at our students' interests.  

Our Library also provides another space for children to learn.  It offers a quiet area for students to study and encourages students to read. Our teachers know what books their students enjoy, and can help them choose books that are based on their interests and are of an appropriate reading level.

Our expert librarian Mrs Hewgill works alongside teachers to complement lessons in the classroom with displays and other resources in the Library. This provides curious students with more in-depth knowledge of the subject they are currently learning about.

Each class visits the Library once a week to issue and return their books.  Teachers' also utilise this time to teach important library skills.

The Library is open every lunchtime and is supported by trained senior student librarians.  Throughout the year these librarians work through a programme to achieve their Bronze, Silver and Gold certification.

Special Features

Senior Fiction

  • Graphic Novels

  • Sophisticated Picture Books

  • Chapter/Series Books

  • Advanced Readers (intermediate to early secondary level)

  • Emerging Readers


Junior Fiction

  • Picture Books

  • Emergent Readers



  • EarlyLevel/Junior Non-Fiction

  • Advanced Level Mid/Snr Non-Fiction

Book Cave

  • Designed for Year 4-6 students. 

  • High-interest books

  • Graphic Novel/Series